Learn to look 3 is intended for children with visual disabilities aged 8 to 12. The program was developed to stimulate the recognition of shapes and objects in their normal, daily surroundings.

This third volume in the Learn to look series is rather special. The challenge was particularly difficult.

In addition to our standard goal, we also wanted to find an overall theme that would interest children ages 8 through 12 – junior school pupils, in other words. We decided on the idea of using the visual arts as our general theme. We searched for works of art with shapes and colors that made them possible to be animated.

The result is a selection of 14 animations in which a painting emerges. Each is accompanied by music specifically composed to accentuate the animation but also dovetails with the mood of the original work of art. A voice-over relates facts about the artist and the work of art. The menu allows for selecting to watch the film with both the voice-over and the music, or with the music alone.

Suitable for: special schools, special education

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