Learn to look 2, the second in the Learn to look series, is intended for children with visual disabilities aged 4 to 8 to stimulate recognition of shapes and objects in their normal, daily surroundings.
Learn to look 2 was developed and produced by KLOS-Media in collaboration with centers of expertise for the visually impaired and the blind in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The DVD menu contains the topics:
– Traffic
– Eating and Drinking
– Implements and Instruments
– Playing
Each animation begins with a line drawing with a clearly defined shape, and then transitions into a realistic image in recognizable surroundings.
An additional option is the selection of low-stimulus backgrounds.
NAME 3 (Ages 8-12) as well as apps for all volumes for both Apple and Android are currently in development.

NAME 2 was sponsored by Vereniging Bartiméus Sonneheerdt

Suitable for: special schools, special education

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