Learn to look 1 is a stimulation program for children from birth to 4 years of age who have severe visual disabilities.

Learn to look 1 was developed by KLOS-Media in collaboration with professionals at institutions in the Netherlands and in Belgium, specialized in caring for those with visual disabilities.

The finished product is a collection of 840 highly contrasted and varied images, easily accessible via a menu.

An additional option is to collate an individualized presentation of the images, which have been categorized for easy retrieval.

The bonus CD contains reproductions of images from our earlier ‘Würzburg’ and ‘Columbus’ slide series. The original slides have been redrawn by KLOS-Media and digitized. This has resulted in a collection of high-quality images with high contrast. KLOS-Media is offering this CD as a free gift with NAME 1 in order to introduce this material to a new generation.

Learn to look 2 (Ages 4-8) and Learn to look 3 (Ages 8-12) as well as apps for all volumes for both Apple and Android are currently in development.

Learn to look 1 was sponsored by Katholieke Stichting voor Blinden en slechtzienden

Suitable for: special schools, special education

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